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What Happened To All The Recaps?

Uhh…ummm…well.  See what had happened was, as soon as we left Portland I got sick.  Like hacking up a lung, unable to breathe, God end this kind of sick.  So my inability to get out and do stuff hampered any potential extra-curricular activities on the back half of the trip.  We would spend most morning in bed, until it was just about time to check out then hit the road.  Then after driving for 4-6 hours, we’d get to the hotel, figure out where to eat, eat, then come back and sleep.  Not really all that exciting.  Now that we’re back home, Kaia has come down with what I have.  So now, even though I’m still not quite 100%, I’m taking care of her.  So yes, the train has stopped in it’s tracks.  But fear not!  At some point this week, we will share our impressions of the honeymoon and hopefully provide some direction for where the blog is headed in the future.  So bear with us, as we collectively consume all the OJ in metro Atlanta.



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We are newly weds who spent a lot of time eating, cooking and traveling together. We also like to write.

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