Honeymoon Day 4 – Moscow Mules, Scallops, Connecticut and The Frustration Of Trapping Woodchucks

Every vacation needs a wind down day.  You can’t go full bore everyday for two weeks, or you’ll end up like a character from The Dark Crystal, devoid of life essence.  Yesterday was the day to chill a little and recharge the old batteries.  The day started off with one last trip to Katie’s Kitchen.  I got the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with home fries.  Kaia got…scrapple.  For those who don’t know what scrapple is, just click that link.  I sampled a piece, and to my surprise it wasn’t half bad.  I wouldn’t put it in my breakfast rotation, but it didn’t have me running for the hills either. (Kaia’s note: Hey, it was my first time ever trying scrapple too. It tastes like fried gravy. That’s not completely weird.)

Then we hit the road and headed towards New Jersey.  This drive was immensely more comfortable than the drive to Lancaster, although Kaia cussed out one or four motorists who were acting a donkey on the road.  The closer we got to Jersey, the more “Jersey” fell out of her mouth.  At any rate, the route we took lead us past my old office building in Princeton.  Can’t say I miss working there, but it was cool to see the old neighborhood.  The next stop was Piscataway, as chronicled earlier.  Apparently Piscataway used to be somewhat of a one horse town, so it was funny watching Kaia lose her isht as we encountered all the new establishments.  “We have an Olive Garden?!? What?!?”  Being from a small town myself, I could empathize. Continue reading


Honeymoon Day 3 – Goats, Peanut Butter Spread, Pennsylvania Dutch Country and the Art of Watching Where You Step

We started the day with the Amish Village tour.  (See picture gallery here.) It was so interesting to learn about what this community was really all about. The major difference between the Amish and “the rest of us” is that they do not let modern technology disrupt their family life. Electricity and all the gadgets that come with it are considered a distraction to family time. They would sooner retrofit their washing machine to run on propane gas or air compressors than risk their family unit. That’s pretty hardcore. It got me thinking about what family values really are about. So much that I had to google “family values” while D and I were eating dinner.

Afterward, we got ourselves lost in downtown Lancaster, where we stumbled upon the local chocolate factory Miesse Candies. They only make the chocolate covered honeycomb candy that I’ve been looking for since I was eight years old. I could have cried. Then I all but talked myself into a candymaking apprenticeship. It hurt to turn that down. I mean, steady paycheck and benefits, or play with candy all day for free? Continue reading

Horse and Carriage. We’re Gonna Rise To The Top

We hit up Amish country today and had a blast. A full recap is coming up later, but here’s a quick rundown: the Amish are cool, meadow tea is a problem, home brewed root beer is a PROBLEM, and horse and buggy carriages are small. There is no way I could fit my 6’3″ 270lb body in one of those. It could only end two ways: poorly and “Oh my God, where are the jaws of life?!?” I’m just saying…

Honeymoon Day 2 – Jamiroquai, GPS, Lancaster, and The Subtle Aromatic Differences Between Cheese and Cow Dung

Day 2!  Oh Day 2, why you treat me so bad?  I thought we’d be best buds for like 24 hours and stuff.  But you didn’t want friendship.  You turned up your nose and farted in our general direction.  So mean.  So very mean.

OK, so today wasn’t the greatest day ever.  It started off well enough.  We had awesome sandwiches and chocolate for breakfast and the outlook seemed bright…until we went outside.  It was raining.  On our honeymoon.  The temerity! As we made our way out of Raleigh, the sky opened up and dumped a lake’s worth of water on us.  We should have known we were in for it.

After that initial outburst finally calmed down a little, we cruised through the rest of North Carolina easy enough.  After leaving the hotel at 11:00, we figured we’d get to Lancaster, PA sometime between 5:00 and 6:00.  A couple hours into the ride, and we were still golden.  Then we hit I-95 in Virginia.  About 15 minutes later, we were members of the largest parking lot on the east coast.  Bumper to bumper. 2 mph. For about two hours.  Oh yeah, and it was still raining.  At this point we began to reconsider the whole road trip up the east coast.  “Isn’t two weeks at home just as good?”  Presciently, we were listening to Jamiroquai and this song came on.  Perfectly captured the moment. Continue reading