Honeymoon Day 5 – Geese, Cupcakes, Westport and the Subtle Art of Negotiating a Small Fee

Today we were on a mission, a mission to find delectable sweets of some kind.  Initially, we decided to find a pie shop but we were persuaded to look for cupcakes.  Therefore we ventured into Westport today, on a cupcake hunt.  As has become somewhat of a daily trend, we promptly got lost. Asking locals for directions was like asking your dog what he thinks about tort reform.  We stopped at a Walgreens and Diallo asked some employees for diections, but none of them had even heard of the bakery we were looking for.  Awesome. We were stumped and, as usual, the GPS was no help. What do you do in a situation like this? You just keep driving until you find something interesting.

We wound up finding “interesting” along the banks of the Saugatuck River. It’s name is Crumbs. Imagine a display case with so many cupcakes that you look like Charlie Bucket with a single dollar bill in your hand. Decisions. When you think you’ve made up your mind, you quickly change it and stand there for another 5 minutes scratching your head. It was impossible to make a quick selection. Continue reading


Honeymoon Day 4 – Moscow Mules, Scallops, Connecticut and The Frustration Of Trapping Woodchucks

Every vacation needs a wind down day.  You can’t go full bore everyday for two weeks, or you’ll end up like a character from The Dark Crystal, devoid of life essence.  Yesterday was the day to chill a little and recharge the old batteries.  The day started off with one last trip to Katie’s Kitchen.  I got the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with home fries.  Kaia got…scrapple.  For those who don’t know what scrapple is, just click that link.  I sampled a piece, and to my surprise it wasn’t half bad.  I wouldn’t put it in my breakfast rotation, but it didn’t have me running for the hills either. (Kaia’s note: Hey, it was my first time ever trying scrapple too. It tastes like fried gravy. That’s not completely weird.)

Then we hit the road and headed towards New Jersey.  This drive was immensely more comfortable than the drive to Lancaster, although Kaia cussed out one or four motorists who were acting a donkey on the road.  The closer we got to Jersey, the more “Jersey” fell out of her mouth.  At any rate, the route we took lead us past my old office building in Princeton.  Can’t say I miss working there, but it was cool to see the old neighborhood.  The next stop was Piscataway, as chronicled earlier.  Apparently Piscataway used to be somewhat of a one horse town, so it was funny watching Kaia lose her isht as we encountered all the new establishments.  “We have an Olive Garden?!? What?!?”  Being from a small town myself, I could empathize. Continue reading