Honeymoon Day 2 – Jamiroquai, GPS, Lancaster, and The Subtle Aromatic Differences Between Cheese and Cow Dung

Day 2!  Oh Day 2, why you treat me so bad?  I thought we’d be best buds for like 24 hours and stuff.  But you didn’t want friendship.  You turned up your nose and farted in our general direction.  So mean.  So very mean.

OK, so today wasn’t the greatest day ever.  It started off well enough.  We had awesome sandwiches and chocolate for breakfast and the outlook seemed bright…until we went outside.  It was raining.  On our honeymoon.  The temerity! As we made our way out of Raleigh, the sky opened up and dumped a lake’s worth of water on us.  We should have known we were in for it.

After that initial outburst finally calmed down a little, we cruised through the rest of North Carolina easy enough.  After leaving the hotel at 11:00, we figured we’d get to Lancaster, PA sometime between 5:00 and 6:00.  A couple hours into the ride, and we were still golden.  Then we hit I-95 in Virginia.  About 15 minutes later, we were members of the largest parking lot on the east coast.  Bumper to bumper. 2 mph. For about two hours.  Oh yeah, and it was still raining.  At this point we began to reconsider the whole road trip up the east coast.  “Isn’t two weeks at home just as good?”  Presciently, we were listening to Jamiroquai and this song came on.  Perfectly captured the moment. Continue reading