Honeymoon Day 5 – Geese, Cupcakes, Westport and the Subtle Art of Negotiating a Small Fee

Today we were on a mission, a mission to find delectable sweets of some kind.  Initially, we decided to find a pie shop but we were persuaded to look for cupcakes.  Therefore we ventured into Westport today, on a cupcake hunt.  As has become somewhat of a daily trend, we promptly got lost. Asking locals for directions was like asking your dog what he thinks about tort reform.  We stopped at a Walgreens and Diallo asked some employees for diections, but none of them had even heard of the bakery we were looking for.  Awesome. We were stumped and, as usual, the GPS was no help. What do you do in a situation like this? You just keep driving until you find something interesting.

We wound up finding “interesting” along the banks of the Saugatuck River. It’s name is Crumbs. Imagine a display case with so many cupcakes that you look like Charlie Bucket with a single dollar bill in your hand. Decisions. When you think you’ve made up your mind, you quickly change it and stand there for another 5 minutes scratching your head. It was impossible to make a quick selection. Continue reading


Decisions Decisions to Make…


So tonight the wife and I were faced with our first tough decision as a married couple.  A momentous decision for sure.  Who should pay for the first round of travel groceries?!?!  After a couple seconds of “You? Me? You?” two mature college educated professionals in their 30’s decided to settle the quandry by playing Rock Paper Scissors…in Publix…in the checkout line.  Personally, I think it’s a brilliant way to settle a dispute.  It’s inherently objective.  There’s an equal chance of both participants winning.  What’s the downside?  All marital issues should be solved this way.  Baby names, dinner, investments, whether or not to go to Ikea.  Everything should be on the table.  The fact that Kaia isn’t that great at playing has absolutely nothing to do with my enthusiasm.  The fact that I won tonight, and envision many more wins, is completely irrelevant.  I just have to convince her that this should be the preferred method of problem solving for the duration of our marriage.  At any rate, the honeymoon is off to a great start.  God bless objective decision making.