Honeymoon Day 1 – Tires, Bojangles, Raleigh, and The Infinite Complexities of Vinegar Sauce


The Highlights
This trip got off to a most rousing start…it took us an hour just to get out of Atlanta. Nope, not the traffic. We decided to put some air in the tires, because we’re responsible adults. In a true display of technological awesomeness, this caused the car’s tire pressure sensor to wig out. It gave us Low Tire Pressure, Normal, Low Tire Pressure, and TPMS Service messages. Well, the only time it ever said “TMPS Service” before was when a tire blew. Grrrrrrreat…

We stopped at the first tire place we could find. Evidently, these “smart” tire sensors act up whenever the pressure in all 4 tires isn’t in balance. Big ups to the Goodyear on Satellite & Pleasant Hill in Duluth, GA. The saved the day and didn’t even charge us.

Other than the tire drama, the drive to Raleigh was pretty much uneventful. Uneventful meaning pretty boring. It was boring enough for us to invent a new game. For those who don’t know, Diallo’s best man Waldo loves him some Bojangles Chicken. Basically, Waldo’s obsession is such that when we think Bojangles we think Waldo. So the game we created is simple. If you see any Bojangles sign, you point at it and yell out “Waldo!” no matter what. Even if you’re mid-sentence in a heated discussion. Waldo! Continue reading